River Cleanup

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French River Connection

Cleanup Campaign

The French River Connection performs one or more cleanups each year. Some French River towns hold Earth Day events which allow us to easily dispose of river trash. These events are usually somewhat limited by spring water levels, so we attack common dumping areas. In August we frequently plan for a more extensive cleanup at low water levels in less accessible areas where trash has been accumulating for decades, removing everything from water bottles to automobile axles to refrigerators to the ubiquitous take-out coffee cups. We find that after an initial industrial-strength cleanup, keeping an area clean requires about ten percent of the effort annually. In the last nine years we have removed tons of trash and hundreds of tires from about five miles of riverbank,  and have cleaned several miles of roadside near the river.  The areas we have cleaned are shown in red. You can pan and zoom the map or change the background using the buttons.



The French River Connection celebrated Earth Day by  cleaning up several locations where trash frequently accumulates. One four-person team attacked Perryville, the area around the railroad trestle opposite Calvary Cemetery, and two other locations. They removed many bags of trash and some heavyweight items such as furniture and construction debris. A three-person team cleaned up the trash which had accumulated over recent years on Mill Brook near Webster Nursery and on Bigelow Road.  In addition, they descended the steep bank near the NAPA auto parts store to retrieve many empty oil containers.  This is an area that had not been cleaned before. Thanks to the efforts of these seven volunteers, this trash will not make its way to the river.

One last thing……………..

We have a “no mercy” policy toward dumpers.  We will report you to local police, who will make you clean up and you may be sentenced to community service…..it’s happened.   If you dump, we are perfectly willing to spend our day ruining yours.