Perryville Trace

French River Connection

Perryville Trace

This sign marks the trailhead of the Perryville Trace, which can be found using the accompanying map. The Trace was opened in 2008 as the inaugural segment of the French River Greenway, under a license granted by the Craver family. It is a one-mile round trip woodland path, suitable only for walking (and snowshoeing!) and offers views of the striking Perryville Dam and life in the upstream impoundment.

It is possible to launch and recover boats just above the dam when river flow is low enough for safety. Boats launched at French River Park could be taken out here and portaged around the dam.

The Perryville Trace has been named one of “1000 greatest places in Massachusetts” by the Office of Travel and Tourism.

The Trace is lovely any time of year, but particularly in the fall. If you go……………..

 Look at the dam
 Look at the river
Look in the woods
Look underfoot