French River Greenway

First proposed in 1990, The French River Greenway is a trail system joining the Quinebaug Rail Trail to the Midstate Trail. It traverses the communities of Dudley, Oxford and Webster Massachusetts. The trail is an organizing principle for the development of such projects as the Perryville Trace and Leovich Landing. When enough of these standalone projects are completed, completion of the Greenway as a link between them will become imperative.   Most of the proposed French River Greenway is on private but unused land, although town-owned land is used where possible. By connecting to a former trolley line route in Thompson, Connecticut, a significant loop is possible. While partly urban, much of the Greenway is in areas where it will afford habitat protection and a nature experience for users, both of which may otherwise be lost to re-industrailization of the river corridor.


The French River Greenway in context

Our vision includes:

A Greenway Trail which not only provides unmotorized recreational opportunities, but includes preservation of abutting natural landscapes for the benefit of native species


Links to other regional trails

Car-top access to the river for paddlers and fisherman through the development of a companion "Blueway"

Development of natural and cultural points of interest along the trail to make them safe, accessible, and informative

Improvement of urban riverfront as a catalyst to economic revitalization


Development of a shared positive identity for French River communities

This map shows the French River Greenway as we envision it when fully developed, and completed projects and those in active development along it.

From South to North:

The Perryville Trace is a one mile round trip trail beginning at the French River bridge on Perryville Road on the Webster side of the river, and continuing to Webster wastewater treatment plant property. It was opened in 2008 and is maintained under license from the Craver Family.

French River Park is a 1.66 acre urban park on Davis Street in downtown Webster, opened in 2011 and maintained by the French River Connection and the Town of Webster under a 15 year lease from Holden Block LLC until 2019, when the Town took ownership. The park features a boat launch, benches and picnic tables, lighting, and native plantings.

Webster Riverwalk is part of a one mile loop anchored by French River Park. It would go from the Railroad Museum past Peter Street along the river, and then return via downtown sidewalks. Under the direction of the Webster Office of Community Development, a concept was documented in 2012, and several phases have been completed, with work continuing.

Leovich Landing is a four-acre riverside parcel on Dudley Road in Oxford which was purchased by the Dudley Conservation Land Trust in 2009 and developed by the French River Connection to include a parking lot to serve as a Greenway trailhead, a boat launch, and a picnic table.