Perryville Trace 2008
The trailhead kiosk
Stone storage building across the road
The overlook above Perryville Dam
The curved granite block Perryville Dam
Invasive purple loostrife above the dam
Informal paddling access point above the dam
The trail, wide at the start, leads onward
A grassy area enjoyed by deer
A convenient stone seat
Heading upstream
Continuing further..................
A tree wired to protect it from beavers
A tree the beavers got to first
The trail narrows upstream
An old bridge abutment
Looking upstream from the abutment
The trail becomes much higher above the water
Greenway signs mark the route
A causeway between the river and a pool
An uncertified vernal pool, home to wood frogs
The trail continues to narrow
It gets narrowor still as the woods crowd in
Past a stone wall, the end is in sight
End of the trail